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Ours is a well known mid size law firm based in Delhi and having associate offices in most of the major cities of India. We are serving the worldwide businesses in India and abroad since 1997. The main members of the firm are having vast experience of handling complex matters – legislative policy and govt. regulatory and relations, legal strategies for future ventures and brainstorming on safeguarding of interests, structural analysis and re-structuring solutions, complex regulatory compliances, legal support in civil and criminal matters, legal and structural support to new ventures & startups, Innovative solutions and Legal Process outsourcing.

We are aware that Indian Legal system is complex and very vast, however, we believe that many times the solution is very simple. Our endeavor is to make it easy for our clients to work in India and handle their legal requirements in simple and cost effective manner. Simplicity and Innovation is our motto.

Our Clients
Our Clients


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